Multiply Gold

A mod for Clicker Heroes
About the Multiply Gold mod

Boost your in-game wealth effortlessly with the ability to customize and multiply your gold instantly by a value of your choice. Enjoy a seamless gaming experience and accelerate your progress in Clicker Heroes.

Accelerate Progression with Customizable Gold Boosting

Easily enhance your in-game wealth by multiplying your gold instantly with the specified amount, enabling you to progress swiftly and conquer challenges without barriers.

Effortless Advancement for All Players

Whether you're a casual or dedicated player, this mod provides an accessible and convenient way to elevate your in-game progress. Multiply your gold with ease, empowering you to reach new heights in Clicker Heroes.

Tailored Gold Multiplication for Seamless Gaming

Enjoy flexibility by customizing the gold multiplication value up to a staggering 1000, providing you with complete control over your in-game resources and an unprecedented gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly multiply your gold by the specified amount.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount to multiply your gold by.

Multiply Gold

Instantly multiply your gold by the specified amount.

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