AI Controller

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the AI Controller mod

Seize the reins of power with the AI Controller mod for 'Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.' This mod empowers you to disable AI attacks and movements, providing strategic advantage and driving thrilling gameplay experiences.

Master AI Control

Gain unprecedented power by manipulating the AI enemies in the game. Disable their attacks and movements, paving the way for victory in the arena trials.

Unmatched Defense

With the ability to halt the AI enemies' actions, your survival chances skyrocket. Take control and outsmart your robotic foes to emerge triumphant.

Strategic Gameplay Enhancement

Customize the AI's behavior to fit your strategic approach. Adjust their movement and disable their attacks, creating a whole new level of gameplay tailored to your desires.

Extra Details

Take control of the AI and prevent them from attacking you.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable AI

Disables the AI, preventing the AI from moving or attacking.

Stop Movement

When this option is enabled, will cause the AI to stop moving when the AI is disabled via the other option. When this option is disabled, the AI will continue to do what ever it was doing when the AI is disabled via the other option. If an AI is walking then it will continue to walk when the AI is disabled.

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