Create Clones

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the Create Clones mod

Empower your game character with the ability to instantly produce extra clones, extending your life in challenging situations. Effortlessly create and manage clones, preventing them from getting stuck and removing excess clones. With this mod, conquer difficult levels with ease and gain an advantage in the dangerous arena.

Enhance Gameplay with Infinite Lives

Gain an advantage by creating and utilizing multiple clones to extend your gameplay and overcome challenging levels.

Manage Clones Effectively

Control the number of clones in the game, preventing them from becoming overwhelming with the ability to remove excess clones when needed.

Conquer Challenges with Extra Lives

Increase your survivability and dominate the arena with the capability to create more than 10 clones, ensuring that none of them get stuck, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly create as many clones as you want. Clones are essentially extra lives. This mod will also allow you to get more than 10 clones, and stop extra clones from getting stuck in the clone door. You can also use it to remove all clones if you get too many.

This modpack contains the following mods

Create a Clone

Instantly creates a clone.

Remove All Clones

Instantly removes all clones.

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