Entity Spawner

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the Entity Spawner mod

Gain the ability to summon allies that stand by your side in battle and spawn enemies right where you want them with the Entity Spawner mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. Select from various ally and enemy types to enhance your gaming experience and bring an exciting new dynamic to the arena combat.

Warrior Allies at Your Command

Summon a powerful squadron of allies, ranging from swordsmen to sprinter bowmen, to fight alongside you in the arena. Watch as they valiantly engage with enemies to secure victory.

Unleash Fierce Adversaries

Directly spawn formidable foes, including upgraded swordsmen, bowmen, and even robotic adversaries such as Spidertron5000. Prepare for intense combat as you face these formidable threats.

Customizable Spawning Options

Enjoy a wide array of spawning options, including the ability to select specific types of allies and enemies to add an extra level of challenge to your gameplay. The entity spawner mod offers unparalleled customization.

Extra Details

Spawn enemies and allies with the entity spawner. Allies will spawn by your side and fight with you, while enemies will spawn where ever your cursor is, or where you're looking.

This modpack contains the following mods

Spawn Ally Type

The type of ally to summon.

Spawn Ally

Spawn an ally that will fight for you. You can have an infinite amount of allies.

Spawn Enemy Type

The type of enemy to spawn.

Spawn Enemy

Spawn an enemy that will try to destroy you. It will spawn where ever your cursor is, or where you're looking if you have no cursor.

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