Entity Spawner

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the Entity Spawner mod

Elevate your gameplay experience with the ability to spawn allies and enemies at will! Whether you're summoning support to fight by your side or challenging yourself with formidable foes, this mod transforms your robot gladiator's adventures in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone into an epic arena battle!

Unleash a Legion of Allies

Imagine having a horde of allies by your side, fighting fiercely against your foes. This mod makes it possible by allowing you to spawn allies instantly. Whether you need a swordsman, archer, or sprinter, there’s an ally ready to join you in battle. Enjoy an exhilarating multiplayer experience even in single-player mode!

Challenge Yourself with Dynamic Combat

With the power to spawn enemies at any location, this mod introduces a fresh challenge to your gameplay. You determine the battlefield! Whether you want to face off against a lone swordsman or a massive wave of enemies, your destiny is in your hands. Perfect your strategies and experience thrilling combat like never before!

Infinite Allies, Endless Fun

Ever wished you had backup during intense battles? This mod allows you to summon as many allies as you want, giving you a tactical edge in fights. Boost your offense and defense by calling in support whenever you need it, and discover new strategies that could turn the tides in your favor!

Extra Details

Spawn enemies and allies with the entity spawner. Allies will spawn by your side and fight with you, while enemies will spawn where ever your cursor is, or where you're looking.

This modpack contains the following mods

Spawn Ally Type

The type of ally to summon.

Spawn Ally

Spawn an ally that will fight for you. You can have an infinite amount of allies.

Spawn Enemy Type

The type of enemy to spawn.

Spawn Enemy

Spawn an enemy that will try to destroy you. It will spawn where ever your cursor is, or where you're looking if you have no cursor.

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