No Damage

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the No Damage mod

Step into the thrilling world of arena battles with a fresh take on survival. This mod equips you with the ultimate advantage: complete immunity to damage. Whether it’s avoiding the slicing swords of your enemies or walking through lava, you are now unstoppable!

Unleash Your Creativity Without Fear

With this mod, you can dive into the heart of the action without worrying about losing health. Feel free to experiment with different tactics as every deadly encounter no longer poses a threat.

Conquer the Arena Like Never Before

Defeat opponents and overcome obstacles with complete confidence. The ability to withstand all attacks means you can focus solely on winning battles and mastering your moves instead of worrying about getting hit.

Ultimate Protection Against Hazards

Navigate through the most treacherous parts of the game, including lava pools and laser fields, without any risk. Explore new strategies and tactics that you could never attempt before, knowing you're invulnerable.

Extra Details

Stop your clone drone from taking any damage. Prevent sword damage, prevent fire damage, give yourself god mode. Stop lava from hurting you, and stop lasers from exploding you.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

Stop yourself from receiving damage.

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