Stop Crashes

A mod for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
About the Stop Crashes mod

Ensure uninterrupted and seamless gameplay in the Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. This mod prevents game crashes by disabling the default crash handler, allowing players to continue gameplay despite exceptions. Additionally, it provides the option to uncrash the game and resume gameplay, further safeguarding the gaming experience.

Play Without Interruptions

Ensure uninterrupted gameplay by preventing game crashes, allowing you to focus solely on the action.

Safeguard Your Experience

Protect your gaming experience from unexpected interruptions, keeping the adrenaline-pumping action going without a hitch.

Seamless Game Recovery

Resume gameplay seamlessly after a crash with the option to uncrash the game and continue where you left off.

Extra Details

This mod blocks the default clone drone in the danger zone crash handler and tries to silently keep the game running even though an exception occurred. This mod is very useful as often the game is still fully functional despite the exception.

This modpack contains the following mods

Disable Crash Handler

Enabling this option will prevent the crash handler from stopping the game.

Uncrash Game

This action will attempt to uncrash the game and resume gameplay. It is best to ensure you enable the Disable Crash Handler option to prevent another instant crash.

Crash Game

This action will throw an unhandled exception during the next frame. This action will crash your game if you don't have the prevent crash option enabled. This is a good way to test the uncrash functionality.

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