Can't Fail

A mod for Clustertruck
About the Can't Fail mod

Embrace the freedom to explore without limits with this mod for Clustertruck. Enjoy invincibility and venture through levels without the fear of failure or obstacles. Unleash a new level of gameplay and unlock all possibilities by touching any surface without the risk of failing.

Unleash Fearless Exploration

Experience endless freedom as you navigate through levels without the fear of failing or losing. Unlock new possibilities and breathe life into each gaming session with the ability to touch any surface without consequences.

Overcome Boundaries with Invincibility

Redefine your Clustertruck experience with invincibility, allowing you to conquer obstacles and levels without the limitations of standard gameplay. Embrace the thrill of unlimited exploration while ignoring the fear of failing at any point.

Infinite Progression Awaits

Dive into a world where failure is a distant memory. With this mod, players can break through barriers, unlock all levels, and discover new horizons without the pressure of falling or dying. The possibilities for progression are endless.

Extra Details

You can no longer fail by touching the ground. Go anywhere, touch anything, and explore.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Fail

You no longer die when you touch the ground, or at all for that matter.

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