Can't Fail

A mod for Clustertruck
About the Can't Fail mod

Dive into an exhilarating experience where failure is a thing of the past. With this mod, you'll discover newfound freedom to explore, jump, and interact with the game world without the risk of dying by merely touching the ground. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the thrill of boundless gameplay!

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

With the ability to roam the levels freely, you can discover shortcuts, hidden paths, and secrets within the game. Imagine jumping from truck to truck without the typical worry of landing on the ground – it's your chance to explore every inch!

Redefine Your Playstyle

Enjoy a completely stress-free gameplay experience where you can take risks and experiment as you see fit. Without the usual fail conditions, you're encouraged to rethink how you tackle each level, making for a fresh and exciting approach to this physics-based adventure.

Perfect for Creative Gamers

This mod invites creative players to push their limits. With the freedom to touch the ground without consequences, you can perfect your moves, string together wild stunts, and redefine what it means to navigate through the chaotic world of speeding trucks!

Extra Details

You can no longer fail by touching the ground. Go anywhere, touch anything, and explore.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Fail

You no longer die when you touch the ground, or at all for that matter.

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