A mod for Coloring Pixels
About the Solve mod

Transform your coloring experience with this innovative tool that allows you to solve pixel art instantly. Experience the joy of coloring without the hassle, letting you create and enjoy your masterpiece effortlessly.

Overview Video
Instant Gratification for Pixel Art

Imagine effortlessly completing pixel art while you focus on having fun. With a single click, bring your artwork to life instantly and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment without the wait.

Stress-Free Creativity

No more frustrations with misplaced colors. This mod allows you to immerse yourself in creating and enjoying beautiful pixel art, letting the mod handle the tedious aspects.

Perfect for Casual Gamers

Whether you're a busy adult or just want to unwind, this mod is perfect for anyone looking to explore Coloring Pixels without the hassle. Complete countless images and relax your mind.

Extra Details

Click the solve button to instantly solve the current pixel art.

This modpack contains the following mods


Instantly solve the current pixel art.

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