Give Views

A mod for Content Warning
About the Give Views mod

Give your created content a visibility boost with just one click! This mod allows you to instantly add a specified amount of views, starting from 1 thousand (1k), enhancing your content's reach and recognizability within the game.

Elevate Your Content Visibility

With this mod, effortlessly multiply your content's visibility and popularity within the game by quickly adding a specific amount of views with just a click. No more waiting for views to accrue organically!

Instant Views Customization

Customize the number of views you add to your content, starting from a minimum of 1 thousand (1k) with this mod. It's easy and quick to boost views and increase your content's reach as per your preference.

Quick Popularity Boost

Use this mod to instantly boost your content's popularity and reach within the game. Effortlessly give yourself a specified amount of views with just one click, gaining instant attention and recognition for your content.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of views. Using a value of 1 means that 1 thousands (1k) views will be added.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Views to Give (k)

The amount of views to give (in thousands).

Give Views

Give the specified amount of views.

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