Infinite Oxygen

A mod for Content Warning
About the Infinite Oxygen mod

Experience gameplay like never before with this mod that provides you with unlimited oxygen, allowing for endless exploration and thrill without the worry of survival constraints.

Unlimited Freedom to Explore

With a constant supply of oxygen, you can dive deeper into the thrilling world of Content Warning. Venture into unexplored areas and take on more daring challenges without worrying about your oxygen supply!

Focus on Fun, Not Survival

Say goodbye to the anxiety of managing oxygen levels. This mod allows you to concentrate on capturing the scariest moments and filming for SpookTube fame, making every session a joy.

Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

This mod transforms the way you play Content Warning by removing the constraints of resource management. You can enjoy the game with a fresh perspective, leading to more creativity and excitement.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite oxygen. Your oxygen will constantly be filled.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Oxygen

Gives you infinite oxygen.

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