Set Day

A mod for Content Warning
About the Set Day mod

Elevate your gaming experience with the ability to customize the in-game time to your liking. This mod allows you to change the day to any desired number and adjust the remaining days in the game, granting you greater control over gameplay dynamics and progression.

Customize In-Game Time

Easily customize the in-game time by adjusting the day to any preferred number, catering to individual gameplay styles and preferences.

Enhance Gameplay Flexibility

Adapt the game to your preference by setting the specific number of days you want to be remaining, providing increased gameplay flexibility and control.

Tailor Game Progression

Tailor the game progression by setting the day to any desired value, allowing for a more personalized and immersive gaming experience.

Extra Details

Change to which every day you want.

This modpack contains the following mods


Which day number you want to be on.

Set Day

Set the day to the specified value.

Days Left

How many days you want to be left.

Set Days Left

Set how many days are left

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