Skip Hours

A mod for Contraband Police
About the Skip Hours mod

Elevate your Contraband Police gaming experience with the ability to effortlessly skip a specified amount of hours, allowing greater control and customization of your in-game time.

Customize Your Gaming Time

Take control of your game's time with this mod, allowing you to set and skip hours to tailor the game to your preferred pace.

Enhance Immersion and Flexibility

Immerse yourself deeper into the game world by effortlessly adjusting game time, providing greater flexibility while playing and enhancing your overall experience.

Boost Gameplay Efficiency

Save time on repetitive tasks by efficiently managing game time, enabling you to focus on the most engaging aspects of your gameplay.

Extra Details

Instantly skip yourself a specified amount of hours.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Hours to Skip

The amount of hours to skip.

Skip Hours

Skip the specified amount of hours.

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