Skip Mission

A mod for Contraband Police
About the Skip Mission mod

Gain the ability to skip select missions in Contraband Police, facilitating a more tailored and enjoyable gaming experience. Bypass challenging tasks and progress smoothly through the game.

Seamlessly Skip Challenging Missions

With the mod, players can conveniently bypass specific missions in the game, allowing for smoother progression and reduced frustration.

Customize Your Gameplay Experience

Take control of your Contraband Police experience by utilizing the option to skip missions, tailor-fitting the game to your preferences and play style.

Focus on Enjoying the Game

By availing the feature to skip certain missions, players can focus on immersing themselves in the game's storyline and challenges without getting stuck on particularly difficult tasks.

Extra Details

Allows you to skip certain missions. Some missions such as the final mission and lost contact mission can't be skipped.

This modpack contains the following mods

Skip Mission

Skip the current mission.

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