Build Anywhere

A mod for Crustacean Nations
About the Build Anywhere mod

Revolutionize your Crustacean Nations gameplay with the Build Anywhere mod. Experience the freedom to place buildings anywhere on the map, including on top of existing structures, enabling you to create a dominant nation without constraints. Expand your building capabilities, gain a strategic advantage, and seize control in the world of crab warfare.

Unbounded Building Placement

Break free from the limitations of traditional building placement and construct your structures without restrictions. Dominate the landscape by placing buildings anywhere you desire, even atop existing ones, to fortify your empire and achieve unparalleled strategic advantages.

Ascend to Dominance

With the ability to construct and expand your empire unimpeded, lead your nation to supremacy. Embrace the opportunities this mod presents to elevate your gaming experience and forge an unrivaled dominion in the world of Crustacean Nations.

Strategic Empowerment

Unlock a new level of strategy and dominance by leveraging the power to build without limitations. Strengthen your position, surprise opponents, and gain an upper hand by exploiting the unrestricted building capabilities this mod offers.

Extra Details

Build on top of other buildings, place buildings anywhere. Create a massive over powered nation.

This modpack contains the following mods

Build Anywhere

Build on top of other buildings, place buildings anywhere.

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