Instant Build

A mod for Crustacean Nations
About the Instant Build mod

Revolutionize your Crustacean Nations gaming experience with the Instant Build mod. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of building structures as this mod lets you instantly construct all buildings without the need for builder crabs, providing you with a swift and seamless path to dominating the beach.

Enhance Your Crustacean Empire

Instantly build your infrastructure and expand your empire within minutes, guiding your crustacean nation to swift victory on the beach.

Streamline Gameplay with Instant Construction

Eliminate the need for waiting on construction, allowing you to focus on strategic maneuvers and conquests rather than tedious building processes.

Dominate Faster with Quick Building

Gain a competitive edge by accelerating your building progress, overwhelming rival crab nations with your rapidly advancing forces.

Extra Details

All buildings will instantly be built.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Build

All buildings are instantly built. You will no longer need a builder crab to build buildings. All builder crabs will also be removed.

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