Instant Build

A mod for Crustacean Nations
About the Instant Build mod

Transform your gameplay in Crustacean Nations with instant building capabilities. Say goodbye to waiting for construction, as all buildings are now built instantly without the need for builder crabs, allowing for immediate strategic enhancements and faster expansions.

Effortless Base Expansion

Why waste precious time waiting for your structures to finish building? This mod empowers players to expand their sandy empire effortlessly, allowing you to focus on strategy and army deployment for total domination.

Smooth Gameplay Experience

Experience a seamless flow in your gameplay as you no longer need to manage builder crabs. Instant buildings mean you can dive right into crab warfare without unnecessary interruptions.

Strategic Advantage Over Opponents

With instant construction, you gain a crucial edge over your opponents. Quickly erect defenses and launch counterattacks, ensuring you're always one step ahead in the battle for supremacy.

Extra Details

All buildings will instantly be built.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Build

All buildings are instantly built. You will no longer need a builder crab to build buildings. All builder crabs will also be removed.

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