Unlimited Mud

A mod for Crustacean Nations
About the Unlimited Mud mod

Empower your sand castle empire with the Unlimited Mud mod for Crustacean Nations. Never worry about running out of mud as unlimited supply ensures your construction projects never stall.

Endless Sand Castles

Construct sprawling sand castles with limitless mud, ensuring that your building materials never run out, and dominate the beachfront in Crustacean Nations.

Unlimited Resource Management

Manage your mud resource seamlessly, amass huge armies and fortify your empire with unlimited mud, ensuring your dominance in Crustacean Nations.

Infinite Building Potential

Unlock the potential for massive construction and endless creativity by giving yourself an unlimited mud supply to build your empire in Crustacean Nations.

Extra Details

Give yourself unlimited mud so you can build as many mud based structures as you like.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Mud

Give yourself unlimited mud. This will make sure your mud never drops below the minimum specified.

Minimum Mud

The minimum amount of mud you will have when unlimited mud is enabled.

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