Create Follower

A mod for Cult of the Lamb
About the Create Follower mod

This mod offers the ability to instantly create a brand new follower, providing a convenient and efficient way to grow your cult community and progress through Cult of the Lamb.

Enhance Your Cult Quickly

Instantly and persistently create new followers in Cult of the Lamb, growing your community rapidly and effectively as you spread your word.

Effortless Follower Boost

Simplify the process of expanding your community by implementing an option to generate new followers with ease, enhancing your experience within Cult of the Lamb.

Cult Expansion Made Simple

Streamline the expansion of your cult by adding a feature that allows you to instantly create brand new followers, saving time and making the game more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Instantly create followers.

This modpack contains the following mods

Create Follower

Instantly create a brand new follower.

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