Fast Harvesting

A mod for Cult of the Lamb
About the Fast Harvesting mod

Improve your in-game efficiency with the Fast Harvesting mod for Cult of the Lamb. This mod enables instant tree chopping, mining, and berry picking, providing a convenient and efficient way to gather resources within the game.

Overview Video
Boost Your Resource Collection

Increase your productivity and efficiency with instant tree chopping, mining, and berry picking, making resource collection in the game seamless and swift.

Gain a Competitive Edge

By utilizing this mod's ability to instantly gather resources, you can gain a significant advantage over other players, allowing you to grow your cult and progress at an impressive rate.

Enhance Your Cult’s Abilities

Empower your cultists with the ability to gather resources at an accelerated pace, enabling your community to thrive and expand expediently in the game.

Extra Details

Instantly cut down trees and complete mining. One hit is all it will take.

This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Tree Chopping

Change tree chopping to be instant.

Instant Mining

Instantly mine stone.

Instant Berry Picking

Instantly pick berries.

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