Shroud and Unshround Tokens

A mod for Cultist Simulator
About the Shroud and Unshround Tokens mod

Elevate your Cultist Simulator experience with a mod that provides convenient options to instantly shroud and unshroud all tokens in the game. Streamline your gameplay and enhance your ability to delve into hidden mysteries and secret gods.

Streamline Gameplay with Instant Token Actions

Elevate your Cultist Simulator experience by effortlessly manipulating tokens in the game. Quickly shroud and unshroud all tokens, enhancing your ability to uncover hidden mysteries and secret gods.

Enhance Immersion and Control

Immerse yourself fully in the world of Cultist Simulator. With swift token shrouding and unshrouding, you gain greater control and customization, allowing for a more personalized and deeply engaging gaming experience.

Unleash Hidden Powers with Convenient Token Management

Unlock the full potential of your gameplay with this mod. Seamlessly manage tokens, allowing you to delve deeper into forbidden treasures, summon otherworldly entities, and grasp the game's darkest secrets.

Extra Details

Instantly shroud and unshroud all of your tokens.

This modpack contains the following mods


Instantly shroud all of your tokens.


Instantly unshroud all of your tokens.

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