A mod for Cuphead
About the Essentials mod

Master the game with enhanced control over coin allocation, unlimited health, and a fully charged super meter. Empower your strategic gameplay and unlock new tactics. This mod reshapes the Cuphead experience, providing unparalleled control and possibilities.

Unleash Total Control

Take charge of the in-game economy with the ability to adjust the number of coins for Player 1 and Player 2, providing an edge in acquiring essential resources.

Invincible Gameplay

Never fear health depletion in the game as the mod offers unlimited health, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and enhanced focus on strategic combat.

Empower Super Meter Strategy

Elevate your gameplay tactics by flooding your super meter with unlimited cards, enabling a wealth of strategic possibilities and tactics not achievable in the base game.

Extra Details

Control how many coins you have, give yourself unlimited health and fully fill your super meter giving your unlimited cards.

This modpack contains the following mods

Player 1 Coins

Control the number of coins player 1 has.

Player 2 Coins

Control the number of coins player 2 has.

Unlimited Health

Prevents your health from going below 3.

Unlimited Cards

Completely fills your super meter, giving you full cards.

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