Give Gold

A mod for Dave the Diver
About the Give Gold mod

Easily acquire a specified amount of gold for your character while on the boat in Dave the Diver, granting immediate in-game benefits and significantly enhancing financial resources.

Elevate Your Game Economy

Gain an immediate advantage by easily accessing a substantial amount of in-game gold while on the boat, elevating your character's financial prowess in Dave the Diver.

Strategic Financial Boost

Empower your character’s financial stability with a simple mod that allows you to acquire a specified amount of gold, enhancing the strategic possibilities within Dave the Diver’s gameplay.

Accelerated Resource Management

Open new possibilities by obtaining in-game resources efficiently through this mod, adding a layer of depth and strategy to Dave the Diver’s gameplay and financial management.

Extra Details

Give yourself the specified amount of gold. Only use this while you are on the boat with your gold visible. This wont do anything if you're in the ocean swimming. You can have a max of 9,9999,999 gold.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of gold to give yourself.

Give Gold

Give yourself the specified amount of gold.

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