Infinite Oxygen

A mod for Dave the Diver
About the Infinite Oxygen mod

Break free from oxygen limits and explore the depths of Dave the Diver with the Infinite Oxygen mod. This mod offers an uninterrupted and boundless underwater experience, allowing players to explore, fish, and engage in deep-sea endeavors without the worry of running out of oxygen.

Unrestricted Underwater Exploration

Enjoy unlimited underwater exploration and fishing without the constraint of an oxygen limit in Dave the Diver

Extended Aquatic Exploration

Experience extended breath-holding without the worry of oxygen depletion. Dive deeper and explore the underwater world of Dave the Diver with ease.

Seamless Underwater Adventure

Immerse yourself in a seamless underwater adventure, submerging effortlessly and without concerns about oxygen levels in Dave the Diver.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite oxygen. Your oxygen won't decrease over time. You can breath under water for as long as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Oxygen

Your oxygen won't decrease if this option is enabled.

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