Set Swim Speed

A mod for Dave the Diver
About the Set Swim Speed mod

Set Swim Speed mod allows you to customize your swim speed and movement when diving in Dave the Diver, giving you complete control and ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable underwater experience. Whether you want to move swiftly or take a leisurely pace, this mod provides the flexibility you need to optimize your swimming adventure.

Enhance Your Diving Experience

Gain complete control over your swim speed and movement while diving, customizing it to suit your preferences with this unique mod. Enjoy a more tailored and enjoyable underwater experience in Dave the Diver.

Personalize Your Swimming Adventure

Make the most of your deep-sea adventure by customizing your swim speed, allowing you to freely explore the game's underwater world while ensuring a fluid and optimized movement experience.

Master Underwater Maneuvering

Tailor your underwater movement by adjusting your swim speed with this mod. Whether you want to glide effortlessly or take a slower, relaxed pace, this mod offers complete versatility in your diving experience.

Extra Details

Control your swim speed. Change how fast you can swim when diving. You can set your movement speed to any value. Lower the movement speed (e.g. 5x) if you find yourself stuck at the surface of the water.

This modpack contains the following mods

Swim Speed Multiplier

Multiply your swim speed up to 10x.

Enable Swim Speed Multiplier

The swim speed multiplier will only apply if this option is enabled. The default swim speed will apply if this option is disabled.

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