God Mode

A mod for DEEEER Simulator
About the God Mode mod

Empower your deer with the ability to remain unscathed, as the God Mode mod offers invincibility, preventing health depletion and granting infinite health during mega boss battles. Embrace a new level of gameplay with the assurance of uninterrupted exploration and triumph.

Overview Video
Unstoppable Deer Journey

Grant your deer invincibility and prevent any health reduction, allowing them to roam the town freely without fear of harm or death.

Conquer Mega Boss Fights

Gain an unfair advantage by having infinite health in mega boss fights, dominating battles while retaining full health and increasing your chances of victory.

Ultimate Deer Survival

Experience the game in a whole new way, ensuring your deer never succumbs to any harm, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and limitless possibilities of exploration.

Extra Details

Stop your Deer from dying with our god mode mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Prevent Deer Death

Prevents your deer from dying and your health from decreasing when playing as the regular deer.

Mega Boss Fight Infinite Health

Gain infinite health in the mega boss fight where you play rock, paper scissors using defend, weak attack and strong attack.

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