Dimensional Shift

Deepest Sword

Introducing the "Dimensional Shift" mod for "Deepest Sword" - a premium experience that lets you explore the game like never before! Seamlessly transition between various stages, unlocking custom stages tailored for each sword. Witness the dragon's lair extend further to the right, and uncover dynamic NPC dialogues as you progress. Elevate your gaming experience from the very beginning of the level to avoid any unintended mishaps. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of "Deepest Sword" as you delve into the intricate design of the game. Please note that this mod operates in a somewhat unconventional manner. Exercise caution when using it, as improper use may result in being trapped within a room. The mod does not allow you to bypass the final level or access levels beyond the game's scope. Additionally, there are no explicit on-screen indicators of level changes, apart from the level itself transforming. Unlock the hidden depths of "Deepest Sword" with the "Dimensional Shift" mod and embark on a captivating adventure today!

This modpack contains the following mods

Previous Stage

Effortlessly return to the prior stage, allowing you to revisit your favorite moments or polish your strategies.

Next Stage

Leap forward to the next stage, unlocking a fresh set of challenges and custom stages for each sword.

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