Grow and Shrink Sword

A mod for Deepest Sword
About the Grow and Shrink Sword mod

Seize complete control over your sword's length with the Grow and Shrink Sword mod for Deepest Sword. Instantly manipulate the size of your sword, optimizing your combat prowess with customizable options for a more immersive gaming adventure.

Tailored Combat Options

Customize your sword length on the fly to suit different combat scenarios, allowing for more precise and strategic attacks, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Varied Sword Lengths

Unlock the ability to extend or shorten your sword, adding a new layer of depth and flexibility to your combat tactics as you explore the Cavern of Longing and engage in intense battles.

Strategic Adaptation

Empower your gameplay by swiftly adjusting your sword's length, offering versatile strategies in battles and enabling you to confront challenges in the game with a tailored approach.

Extra Details

Instantly grow, or shrink your sword. Make your sword any length you want. There is a max length of 5 which you will quickly discover.

This modpack contains the following mods

Grow Sword

Instantly grow your sword.

Shrink Sword

Instantly shrink your sword.

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