Pause Timer

A mod for Deepest Sword
About the Pause Timer mod

Empower your Deepest Sword gameplay with the ability to manipulate the playtime. This mod enables the freezing of the game's timer, granting you the freedom to explore, strategize, and conquer at your own pace. Additionally, reset the timer to zero for a fresh start as you embrace a new level of control over your gaming experience.

Overview Video
Control Your Playtime

With this mod, you have the power to freeze the game's playtime, giving yourself the freedom to strategize and explore without worrying about the clock ticking away.

Strategic Advantage

Freeze the playtime to gain a tactical advantage, uncover hidden secrets, and conquer difficult challenges without the pressure of time. Resetting the timer provides a fresh start for impeccable runs.

Enhance Your Experience

Improve your gaming experience by managing the game's timer, allowing for more in-depth exploration, careful planning, and mastering the game at your own pace.

Extra Details

Pauses the games playtime. Your timer will be frozen. You can also reset your timer to zero.

This modpack contains the following mods

Pause Timer

Pauses your playtime on your current time.

Reset Timer

Resets your playtime to zero.

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