Pause Timer

A mod for Deepest Sword
About the Pause Timer mod

This exciting mod enhances your experience in Deepest Sword by allowing you to pause the game timer at any moment. You can also reset your playtime to zero, creating a stress-free environment to explore the Cavern of Longing.

Overview Video
Take a Breath Between Challenges

With the ability to freeze your game time, you can take a moment to strategize your next move or just relax between those tricky platforming segments. No more rushing when you can think and plan at your own pace!

Start Fresh Whenever You Want

If you feel like starting over or just want to take stock of your progress, this mod lets you reset your timer to zero. This feature empowers you to re-experience the journey from the very beginning, all while exploring the vibrant Cavern of Longing.

Gameplay without Pressure

Say goodbye to time-related stress in your gaming sessions. By utilizing this mod, you can immerse yourself fully in the gameplay and enjoy every moment without worrying about a ticking clock.

Extra Details

Pauses the games playtime. Your timer will be frozen. You can also reset your timer to zero.

This modpack contains the following mods

Pause Timer

Pauses your playtime on your current time.

Reset Timer

Resets your playtime to zero.

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