Give Item

A mod for Derail Valley
About the Give Item mod

Elevate your gaming experience with the Give Item mod for Derail Valley. This mod allows you to instantly give yourself any specified item, refresh the list of available items, and choose the quantity you wish to receive, providing effortless item management and greater control over your inventory.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Custom Items

Add a personal touch to your gameplay by instantly receiving any specified item. Whether you're in need of tools or novelty items, this mod allows you to customize your game experience by giving yourself the items you desire.

Effortless Item Management

Simplify your in-game item management with the ability to refresh the list of items available and easily select the quantity you wish to receive. This mod streamlines the process, ensuring you have what you need at your disposal, right when you need it.

A New Level of Flexibility and Control

Gain greater control over your in-game inventory with this mod. The ability to instantly give yourself any specified item with the desired quantity provides a new level of flexibility, offering an enhanced and more tailored gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself the specified item.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item to Give

The item to give.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of item.


The quantity of item to give.

Give Item

Give the specified amount of item.

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