Give Experience Points

A mod for Devious Dungeon 2
About the Give Experience Points mod

Enhance your gaming experience in Devious Dungeon 2 by rapidly gaining experience points and leveling up effortlessly. Customize your gameplay by accessing unlimited experience points, empowering your character to become stronger and more formidable in the game.

Effortless Level Up

Gain experience points instantly and level up rapidly, providing quick access to higher game levels and enhanced abilities, enabling a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Boost Gameplay Customization

Customize the amount of experience points gained to tailor the game progression to your liking, enabling personalized gameplay experiences and unlocking exclusive in-game bonuses.

Unlimited Strength

Access unlimited experience points to strengthen your in-game character, ensuring enhanced abilities and increased power, ultimately dominating in battles and challenges within the game.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself as much experience points as you want. Level up super fast and become super strong. Make sure to claim the level up bonus for each level or the UI may get stuck.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Experience Points to Give

The amount of experience points to give.

Give Experience Points

Give yourself the specified amount of experience points.

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