Stop Attacks

A mod for Dictators:No Peace Countryballs
About the Stop Attacks mod

This mod empowers players to prevent foreign country attacks, maintain order, and secure their country's territorial integrity. With the option to stop rebel attacks, players can focus on strategic defense implementation and nation-building while enjoying stability and peace within the game.

Secure Your Territory

Utilize the mod's feature to prevent foreign country attacks and maintain peace and stability in your territory. Gain control over your country with the added advantage of halting ongoing foreign attacks.

Maintain Order and Prosperity

With this mod, you can ensure your country's prosperity by stopping rebel attacks from occurring. Focus on nation-building and develop a stable and economically progressive environment for your citizens.

Strategic Defense Implementation

Deploy strategic defenses against potential attacks by using the mod's feature to halt foreign country and rebel attacks. Safeguard your nation and implement security measures to fortify your rule.

Extra Details

Stop foreign country attacks and stop rebel attacks.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Foreign Attacks

Stops foreign attacks from starting. It won't end any that are currently in progress.

No Rebel Attacks

Stops rebel attacks from starting. It won't end any that are currently in progress.

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