A mod for Dig or Die
About the Essentials mod

Unlock a new level of gameplay with features that grant you unlimited health and the ability to breathe underwater forever! Enhance your survival experience in the harsh world of 'Dig or Die' and explore your creative potential without limits.

Overview Video
Conquer the Planet

With the capability of unlimited health, you can tackle the planet's fiercest challenges without fear. This mod transforms the gameplay, allowing you to focus on building and strategizing without constantly worrying about enemy attacks or environmental hazards.

Explore Underwater Realms

The option for unlimited air means you can dive into the depths and explore underwater landscapes without needing to surface. Discover hidden treasures and secrets that will enrich your adventure and expand your resource gathering opportunities!

Enhance Your Survival Strategy

By enabling both unlimited health and air, your gameplay shifts significantly. You can engage in experimental builds and craft without interruption, making the most of what 'Dig or Die' has to offer while mastering the art of survival.

Extra Details

Want to have unlimited health? Breath underwater forever? Grab this essentials pack to get started with modding.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Enable this option to gain unlimited health.

Unlimited Air

Enable this option to gain unlimited air and breath under water forever.

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