Free Crafting

A mod for Dinkum
About the Free Crafting mod

Embrace boundless crafting possibilities with this mod, as it enables you to craft any item, including cooking, without the constraints of resource availability. Enjoy a limitless crafting experience and elevate your gameplay with the freedom to create without restrictions.

Craft without Limits

Unleash your creativity and craft any item you desire without being restricted by the availability of resources or materials within the game.

Uninterrupted Crafting Experience

Enjoy a seamless crafting experience as you can create items without worrying about spending resources or gathering materials, offering unparalleled freedom in the game.

Enhance Culinary Skills

Elevate your cooking prowess by accessing the ability to craft culinary delights without the need for specific ingredients, revolutionizing your culinary adventures in the game.

Extra Details

Craft any item for free. Craft even when you don't have the right resources. This also works for cooking.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can Always Craft

Craft always craft, even if you don't have the resources to craft the given item.

Don't Spend Resources When Crafting

When crafting, the items won't be taken from your inventory.

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