Give Money

A mod for Dinkum
About the Give Money mod

Boost your financial power in Dinkum by giving yourself a customizable amount of money. This mod allows you to enhance your game experience by easily increasing your funds, ensuring a more enjoyable and liberated gameplay.

Transform Your Gameplay

With this mod, you can elevate your experience by giving yourself the funds you need to explore and expand without the grind. Imagine being able to purchase that breathtaking home or unique item you've had your eye on—this tool makes it possible.

Flexible Financial Control

Tailor your in-game wealth to suit your style! Whether you’re in the mood for a small boost or a significant upgrade, this mod allows you to choose the precise amount of money to receive. It's perfect for customizing your gameplay.

Enjoy Stress-Free Progression

Forget about the resource gathering and enjoy the fun aspects of the game. By adding extra cash with just a click, you can focus on interactions, adventures, and building your dream setup without the usual financial concerns.

Extra Details

Give yourself a specified amount of money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

The amount of Money to give yourself.

Give Money

Give yourself Money.

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