Give Permit Points

A mod for Dinkum
About the Give Permit Points mod

Gain easy access to the coveted permit points, the blue star currency in Dinkum, with a hassle-free allocation of 100 permit points. Unlock exclusive content, enhance your in-game wealth, and experience the game in a more enriched and satisfying way.

Get Abundant Permit Points Instantly

Gain access to a generous 100 permit points, the sought-after blue star currency in Dinkum, without the usual hustle.

Unlock Exclusive Content with Permit Points

Seize the opportunity to unlock exciting in-game content and accelerate your progress, ensuring a more enriched and satisfying gaming experience.

Enhance In-Game Wealth with Permit Points

Secure a bountiful supply of permit points, empowering you to enhance your in-game wealth and opportunities, making your gameplay more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Gives you permit points, the blue star currency.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

The amount of Permit Points to give yourself.

Give Permit Points

Give yourself Permit Points.

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