Infinite Stamina

A mod for Dinkum
About the Infinite Stamina mod

This mod offers a remarkable upgrade to your adventure in Dinkum by providing you with unlimited stamina, allowing you to explore the game world without any restrictions. Dive into the action and make the most of your gameplay without the hassle of fatigue.

Explore Without Limits

With the ability to maintain full stamina, you can roam freely through Dinkum’s stunning environments without worrying about energy levels. Whether you’re traversing the jungles or scouting out the desert sands, this mod lets you immerse yourself fully in the gameplay.

Uninterrupted Adventures

Imagine embarking on long treks across the vast landscapes without ever needing a break. This enhancement to your character's stamina allows for continuous fun, whether you’re fishing, crafting, or building, meaning you won’t miss a moment of the adventure.

Gameplay Tailored to Your Style

Empower your gameplay by customizing your experience. With full stamina, you can focus solely on your strategies and creativity without the distraction of managing energy levels, making your time in Dinkum even more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Gives you full stamina.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Stamina

Gives you full stamina.

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