License Unlocker

A mod for Dinkum
About the License Unlocker mod

Unlocks and maximizes all your game licenses instantly, allowing for a more engaging and unrestricted exploration of Dinkum's vibrant world. No more waiting—dive straight into the adventure!

Explore Without Limits

Imagine venturing into the wild landscapes of Dinkum without the usual grind. With the ability to unlock all licenses in no time, you can explore new hobbies and activities freely, letting your creative instincts take charge.

Dive into Endless Possibilities

Fully maxing out your licenses opens up a world of options, from crafting unique items to utilizing advanced vehicles. Experience the thrill of diving headfirst into every part of the game without the hassle of leveling up each license individually.

Perfect for New and Veteran Players

Whether you're just starting or you're a seasoned player, this mod enhances your gameplay in Dinkum. Newcomers can enjoy a smoother introduction to the game, while veterans can freely explore gameplay elements they may have skipped before.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock and max out all your licenses.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Licenses

Instantly unlock all licenses.

Max All Licenses

Instantly unlock and max out all licenses.

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