Legends of Dota

Pick your skills to build an overpowered masterpiece!

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A decade of dedication, over a thousand enhancements, and a unique gaming experience. Now, it's time to level up your game.

On April 12, 2014, Ash47 wrote the first line of code for Legends of Dota . An idea sparked by passion and an immense love for the game, transformed into a captivating custom game that's been loved by thousands of gamers worldwide. All along, this labour of love was created and maintained for free, without ever making a single cent from it.


Legends of Dota, or LOD, is a unique take on the popular Dota 2 game. LOD lets you mix and match abilities from any hero, allowing you to create something completely overpowered, or just play around with fun and interesting combinations. You can also modify the map, add up to 10 towers in a lane, adjust gold modifiers to change the pace of the game, start with a scepter, and much more. The game is yours to customize and control.


Today, Ash47 is part of the AzzaMods team, bringing the same dedication and passion to the entire AzzaMods universe, full of mods for hundreds of games. The unique blend of strategizing and head-to-head combat that LOD offers has held gamers' hearts for nearly a decade. Now, we stand on the cusp of its next evolution.

But first, we need you.

To continue delivering on the promise of an engaging, immersive, and evolving gaming experience, we're introducing a new feature: Premium Access.

What's Premium Access?

Premium Access is more than just an enhanced user experience. It's an opportunity for you to directly contribute to the future of LOD. By going Premium, you're investing in regular updates, new features, extended support, and tons of new content. You're also getting the chance to steal the spotlight as the host of the game, with a few additional perks to boot.

Here's what you'll get when you go Premium:

  • Priority for host privileges, even in a lobby full of linked accounts.
  • Host privileges include team locking, shuffling, and option selection.
  • Access to all content on AzzaMods.com, including 4378+ mods across more than 425 games.
  • The promise of new Premium features in the future and a voice in shaping them.

Supporting Us In Other Ways

We understand that not everyone can contribute financially. That's perfectly fine! We appreciate your support in any way it comes. By simply linking your Steam account to a free AzzaMods account, you're given priority over those who haven't linked their accounts. Plus, a free account also provides access to all free mods on AzzaMods.com across our library of games. Every account linked, every game played, contributes to the community and future of LOD.

Your journey to becoming a Premium player or an account-linked player starts here:

Becoming a Player with Benefits

  1. Register for a free account at AzzaMods (https://www.azzamods.com/account/)
  2. Link your Steam account (https://www.azzamods.com/account/linked)
  3. To become a Premium player, purchase Premium Access from (https://www.AzzaMods.com/account)

With these simple steps, you've joined the LOD family. Depending on your choice, you're now either a Premium player or an account-linked player, each with unique advantages.

The Future of Legends of Dota

We stand at a crossroads. Your support will decide the path we take. With Premium Access, we can unlock a world of possibilities for LOD. More game modes, more heroes, new map features, an engaging story mode — the possibilities are endless.

But more importantly, you'll be part of the future. We're committed to expanding the Premium features, and we'll be listening to you, our Premium players, for suggestions.

So join us on this journey. Be a part of the next evolution of Legends of Dota. Go Premium, link your account, play, and let's take this game to new heights together.

Social Media Links

AzzaMods is available to chat or answer questions via Discord. YouTube can be used to stay up to date with the latest mods and videos.