Give Item

A mod for DREDGE
About the Give Item mod

Facilitate a streamlined gameplay experience with the 'Give Item' mod, allowing instant acquisition of any item in DREDGE. Uncover submerged treasures, upgrade your boat, and customize your gameplay to suit your preferences.

Expeditious Item Acquisition

Experience the convenience of instantly obtaining any item within the game using the 'Give Item' function. Simplify your gameplay and avoid tedious searching or resource gathering.

Unveiling Secrets

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the archipelago and reveal long-kept secrets with the aid of this mod. Explore hidden depths and uncover artifacts and valuables that are typically hard to find, adding a new layer of adventure to your gaming experience.

Tailored Gameplay Experience

Customize your gameplay by upgrading your boat and expanding your catches with the aid of the 'Give Item' mod. Enhance your fishing arsenal and unlock new possibilities for exploration and progression within the game.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself any item.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item To Give

The item to give yourself.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of items that are available.


The quantity to give.

Give Item

Instantly give yourself the selected item.

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