Give Upgrade

A mod for DREDGE
About the Give Upgrade mod

Elevate your fishing adventure in DREDGE by instantly granting yourself any upgrade. Uncover hidden secrets, optimize your gaming experience, and unlock limitless potential with this game-changing mod.

Uncover Untold Secrets

Easily delve into the mysteries of the deep, granting yourself any upgrade instantly to uncover long-buried secrets and unlock hidden treasures in the DREDGE game.

Optimize Your Gaming Experience

Enhance your gaming journey by effortlessly accessing unlimited upgrades, empowering you to customize and elevate your fishing adventure in the DREDGE game.

Unlimited Upgrade Possibilities

Open up a world of possibilities with the ability to grant any upgrade at your discretion, transforming your gaming experience and providing limitless upgrade potential in the DREDGE game.

Extra Details

Instantly give any upgrade.

This modpack contains the following mods

Upgrade To Give

The upgrade to give yourself.

Refresh Upgrade List

Refresh the list of upgrades that are available.

Give Upgrade

Instantly give yourself the selected upgrade.

Give All Upgrades

Instantly give yourself every upgrade that is currently available. Press it multiple times to get everything.

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