Hide UI

A mod for DREDGE
About the Hide UI mod

Seamlessly toggle the user interface to elevate your recording, streaming, or gameplay in DREDGE with this mod. Customize UI visibility for clear, immersive experiences.

Enhance Video Recordings

Elevate your video recordings by seamlessly hiding the UI to capture the pure essence of your gameplay in DREDGE without any distractions. Show the exact details you want, when you want.

Optimize User Interface

Tailor your gaming experience by customizing the visibility of the user interface in DREDGE, allowing for a more personalized and focused gameplay. Switch effortlessly between showing and hiding the UI on your terms.

Maximize Clarity

Gain the ability to toggle the user interface in DREDGE, ensuring clear in-game visibility for tasks like fishing, boat upgrades, and unearthing secrets. Enhance your game immersion by hiding UI elements when desired.

Extra Details

Hide or show the UI. Useful for recording content or making videos.

This modpack contains the following mods

Hide UI

Hide the user interface.

Show UI

Show the user interface.

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