No Hull Damage

A mod for DREDGE
About the No Hull Damage mod

Keep your boat safe from damage with this mod in DREDGE. Prevent hull damage and explore the waters without the fear of your boat getting damaged. This option provides the ability to safeguard the boat and maintain it in an undamaged state, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Improve Boat Durability

Safeguard your boat from taking any damage, providing peace of mind when exploring the treacherous waters of DREDGE. Activate the mod to keep your boat in pristine condition throughout your fishing adventures.

Explore Fearlessly

With the hull damage mod activated, delve into the depths of the game without the fear of any damage to your boat. Uncover long-buried secrets and navigate the mysterious archipelago with ease.

Enhanced Immersion

By using this mod, players can stay immersed in the game world without the distraction of repairing boat damage. This allows for a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, focusing on the thrill of fishing and exploration.

Extra Details

Stop hull damage. Your boat will no longer take damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

Enable this option to stop hull damage. This will not repair existing damage.

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