Repair Boat

A mod for DREDGE
About the Repair Boat mod

Sail smoothly and explore without interruption with instant boat repairs. Eliminate downtime and tedious maintenance, allowing you to delve into the depths of the game without worrying about your watercraft's performance.

Uninterrupted Boating Adventures

Enable seamless exploration and uninterrupted fishing adventures by instantly repairing your boat, eliminating frustrating downtime and allowing you to make the most of your playtime.

Enhanced Efficiency and Gameplay

With instant boat repairs, your gameplay will be more efficient, as you can focus on catching fish and uncovering secrets without the inconvenience of dealing with prolonged and tedious maintenance tasks.

Seamless Boat Maintenance

Experience a smooth and uninterrupted boat maintenance system, ensuring your craft is always ready for the next adventure, enhancing game immersion and overall enjoyment.

Extra Details

Instantly repair your boat.

This modpack contains the following mods

Repair Boat

Instantly repair your boat.

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