Set Boat Speed

A mod for DREDGE
About the Set Boat Speed mod

Elevate your fishing expedition in DREDGE by customizing your boat's movement and turning capabilities. With the ability to adjust your boat's speed and turn rate during gameplay or outside of the game, you can enhance your control and maneuverability on the waters, uncovering hidden secrets and optimizing your catch.

Enhance Your Fishing Adventure

Take your fishing experience to the next level by customizing your boat's speed and turn rate with this mod. Explore the waters with improved control and maneuverability, unlocking new possibilities as you navigate the mysterious archipelago in DREDGE.

Optimized Boat Performance

Maximize your fishing efficiency and expedite your journey with the ability to fine-tune your boat's movement and turn speed. Whether it's reaching prime fishing spots quickly or swiftly adjusting course, this mod empowers you with enhanced control over your vessel.

Tailored Boat Control

Immerse yourself in a personalized boating experience as you set the pace and agility of your boat to match your unique gameplay style. This mod allows you to tailor your boat's performance, offering a streamlined and responsive sailing experience.

Extra Details

Set the speed and turn rate of your boat.

This modpack contains the following mods

Boat Move Speed

The speed of your boat. The default is 10.

Boat Turn Speed

The speed that your boat turns at. The default is 120.

Apply Speed

Apply any speed changes, if they haven't already been applied. This is useful for when you change your boat speed outside of the game.

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