Set Weather

A mod for DREDGE
About the Set Weather mod

Set the perfect atmospheric tone in DREDGE with the ability to control the weather. This mod empowers players to switch between weather options such as clear, fine, cloudy, and dark, while also fine-tuning cloudiness, wind speed, and cloud darkness. Create an immersive and customized gameplay experience by applying and customizing different weather effects.

Immerse Yourself in Dynamic Weather

Experience the freedom to manipulate and switch between weather options on demand, allowing you to tailor the game's ambiance to suit your mood and play style. Whether you desire a serene, sunny day or a dramatic, stormy setting, this mod provides complete control over the in-game weather.

Enhance Gameplay with Custom Weather Effects

Utilize the mod to fine-tune atmospheric elements, including cloudiness, wind speed, and cloud darkness, to create captivating and realistic weather conditions. Immerse yourself in the game world by customizing weather effects tailored to your preferences, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Embrace Atmospheric Realism

With the ability to apply and customize various weather effects, such as cloudiness and wind speed, this mod allows you to bring an added layer of realism to the game. Create the perfect in-game atmosphere and explore the depths of DREDGE while being fully immersed in your personally crafted weather conditions.

Extra Details

Control the weather. Make the weather clear, fine, cloudy or dark.

This modpack contains the following mods

Weather Name

The weather to give yourself.

Refresh Weather List

Refresh the list of weathers that are available.


Control how cloudy the weather is. Choose between 0 and 1.

Wind Speed

Control the wind speed. Choose between 0 and 3.

Cloud Darkness

Control how dark the clouds are. Choose between 0 and 1.

Apply Weather

Apply the given weather. Some of the parameters such as cloudiness and cloud color depend on the weather type that was selected.

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