Show Notification

A mod for DREDGE
About the Show Notification mod

Elevate your DREDGE gameplay with the Show Notification mod. Display specified notifications on the screen, enabling enhanced content creation for platforms like YouTube. Personalize your notifications, choose from various notification types, and dynamically showcase in-game achievements and events, adding depth and engagement to your gameplay experience.

Engaging Content Creation

Elevate your content creation with customizable in-game notifications. Whether it's creating YouTube videos or sharing your gameplay, this mod enables you to display specific notifications on the screen, enhancing your storytelling and engaging your audience.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Enrich your DREDGE adventure by showcasing your in-game achievements and events. With this mod, you can choose from a variety of notification types, including error, event, and quest notifications, to dynamically display your progress and enhance the gameplay experience.

Tailored Notifications

Personalize your gameplay with tailored notifications that reflect your in-game journey. Whether it's money gained, items added, or completing a book, this mod allows you to customize the text and notification types, adding depth and personalization to your DREDGE experience.

Extra Details

Show the specified notification to the screen. This is useful for making YouTube videos or other content.

This modpack contains the following mods

Text To Show

The text to show in the notification.

Notification Type

The type of notification to show.

Show Notification

Show the specified notification.

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