Give Coins

A mod for Duck Life 4
About the Give Coins mod

Eager to elevate your Duck Life 4 experience? This mod lets you instantly give yourself a specified amount of coins, providing the freedom to enhance your duck's training and racing capabilities without the grind. Tailor your gameplay by choosing any amount of coins, from just 1 to a staggering 100,000. Get ready to speed towards victory with every race!

Boost Your Duck's Progress

Imagine advancing your duck's abilities without waiting to collect coins. By using this mod, you can provide your duckling with a wealth of coins instantly, allowing it to train harder and become a racing champion in no time!

Tailor Your Experience

With the option to choose the amount of coins you want, you have full control over your gameplay. Whether you need a small boost or a massive influx of coins, this mod lets you customize your experience to match your gaming style.

Say Goodbye to Grind

No more mindless grinding for coins! This powerful tool liberates you from the repetitive tasks of collecting coins, giving you more time to enjoy Duck Life 4's engaging mini-games and tournaments.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of coins.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Coins to Give

The amount of coins to give.

Give Coins

Give the specified amount of coins.

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