Unlock All Maps

A mod for Duck Life 4
About the Unlock All Maps mod

Unlock new levels of gameplay with this mod for Duck Life 4. Access all maps instantly and switch between them seamlessly using the mod's convenient in-game button, providing cheat-like functionality for expanded gaming experiences.

Explore Every Corner of Duck Life 4

With the mod, easily unlock all maps in Duck Life 4, giving you the freedom to explore every corner of the game and discover all the exciting worlds and challenges it has to offer.

Convenient Map Management

Instantly access all maps and effortlessly switch between them using the mod's in-game button, allowing you to navigate through different game environments without any hassle.

Enhanced Gameplay Flexibility

Unleash the full potential of Duck Life 4 with this mod's map unlock functionality, providing cheat-like access to all the game has to offer, giving you a new level of freedom in your gameplay.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all maps. You can change the map using the button in the right hand corner.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Maps

Instantly unlock all maps.

Lock All Maps

Instantly lock all maps.

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