Infinite Race Energy

A mod for Duck Life: Adventure
About the Infinite Race Energy mod

Experience thrilling, unrestricted racing in Duck Life Adventure with the 'Infinite Race Energy' mod. Say goodbye to energy limitations as this mod provides your duck with unlimited energy during races, allowing it to perform at its peak without interruptions.

Unrestricted Racing

With this mod, experience the thrill of unrestricted racing in Duck Life Adventure. Your duck will have infinite energy, allowing seamless races without worrying about energy limitations. Say goodbye to slow-paced races and enjoy the freedom to compete at your duck's full potential.

Optimal Performance

Gain a competitive edge with the mod as your duck can now perform at its peak in every race. By eliminating energy constraints, your duck can focus solely on improving its racing skills and achieving victory. Say hello to enhanced performance and let your duck dominate the tracks.

Effortless Gameplay

Simplify your gameplay experience with the mod as it removes the hassle of managing race energy. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without pausing to recharge energy, letting you focus on the excitement of racing and achieving success without any interruptions.

Extra Details

Give your Duck infinite energy during races.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Race Energy

Gives your duck infinite energy during a race.

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