Infinite Race Energy

A mod for Duck Life: Adventure
About the Infinite Race Energy mod

Give your Duck the advantage it deserves by unlocking infinite energy during races, ensuring your adventures are filled with uninterrupted fun and competitive triumphs.

Race to Victory!

Imagine your duck soaring ahead of the competition without the need to rest. With unlimited energy, you can concentrate solely on mastering your racing techniques and outsmarting your opponents!

Endless Adventures Await!

Don’t let energy limits hold you back in your quest. This mod lets you explore every corner of the game without worrying about fatigue, allowing you to enjoy the adventure fully and come out on top.

Unlock Competitive Edge!

Stand out in Duck Life Adventure by ensuring your duck never runs out of energy during crucial races. This feature not only maximizes your performance but also elevates your overall gaming experience.

Extra Details

Give your Duck infinite energy during races.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Race Energy

Gives your duck infinite energy during a race.

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