A mod for Duck Life
About the Essentials mod

Take your duck to new heights of glory with this mod. Enjoy an unlimited supply of coins and never run out of energy during races. Modify your duck's stats and witness its meteoric rise to become the undisputed champion of Duck Life.

Overview Video
Master Every Race with Infinite Coins

Gain an unfair advantage over your opponents by acquiring an endless supply of coins, unleashing the full potential of your duck's abilities and making it a formidable force on the racetrack.

Unleash Unstoppable Energy

Turn the tables in your favor by activating the unlimited energy feature, allowing your duck to maintain peak performance throughout every race, leaving its competitors far behind in the dust.

Craft Your Champion Racer

Take control of your duck's destiny by customizing its stats with precision, finely honing its strengths and improving its weaknesses to become a dominant force in the racing tournaments.

Extra Details

Want unlimited coins and energy? Grab this free mod pack to get started!

This modpack contains the following mods


Enable the toggle to set the amount of coins you have.

Unlimited Energy

Enable this option to give yourself unlimited energy during a race.

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