Wanted Level

A mod for Dude Simulator 2
About the Wanted Level mod

This dynamic mod empowers you to instantly raise, lower, or reset your wanted level in Dude Simulator 2, giving you the ultimate control over your in-game notoriety. Whether you're looking to dive into action or quietly blend in, this mod enhances your experience by allowing you to manipulate how you interact with the law.

Take Control of Your Criminal Activity

With this mod, you can easily escalate or de-escalate your in-game law enforcement presence. If you want to unleash chaos, simply raise your wanted level; if you're looking to avoid confrontation, lowering it is just a click away. Experience the thrill of managing your reputation in the city!

Reset for a New Beginning

Sometimes, every hero or villain needs a fresh start. This mod allows you to instantly reset your wanted level to zero. Perfect for those moments when you've had your fill of hot pursuits and want to continue your journey without the heat. Embrace new adventures with ease!

Enhance Your Open World Experience

In Dude Simulator 2, your choices shape your adventure. With this mod, you're empowered to create thrilling scenarios or sneak away unnoticed. Whether you're eager to cause a ruckus or just enjoy a peaceful stroll, adjusting your wanted level adds new layers to your gameplay!

Extra Details

Instantly raise wanted level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Raise Wanted Level

Instantly raise your wanted level by 1.

Lower Wanted Level

Instantly lower your wanted level by 1.

Reset Wanted Level

Instantly reset your wanted level to 0.

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